Juan J. Arrieta


   I started running in 1999 as a way to increase my endurance in racquetball and before I knew it I had fallen in love and switched entirely to it.  Since then, I've enjoyed participating in dozens of endurance races, from short distances such as the 5k, to long distances such as the marathon.  I have also taken

on other endurance disciplines such as the triathlon, although my preferred event and distance is by far the half marathon.

   The driving force behind my love for endurance challenges is a deeply held belief I've had since very young in ALWAYS searching for improvements in all aspects of life.  Training for and participating in events such as marathons and triathlons provides the perfect environment through which I can progress on my own terms and timeline, while still providing a never-ending challenge that I know I'll never find dull or boring.

    An example of this came in 2018, when I obtained my RCCA Coaching Certification not only because I wanted to continue to learn and grow in this sport, but also because I wanted to help other athletes do the same and make this a permanent part of a healthy lifestyle and not just a temporary activity that lasts just a few months.  My passion is being involved in endurance sports, and I will be doing this in one way or the other until the day that I die!  


Gerald Schattle


I am a husband, father, and school principal in Houston, Texas, and have been running off and on since 2015 when I ran my first half-marathon.


   In 2018 I was extremely overweight and tipped the scale at 397lbs. Through God's help, prayer, and diet change I was able to lose 160lbs.

   In 2019 after completing my first full marathon in College Station, I joined Dynamic Endurance and started working with Juan as my running coach.  Since then, I have run another marathon and five ultra-marathons.  My current plan for 2021 is to turn the virtual Chevron Houston Marathon in January and then The Woodlands Half Marathon in March.  I truly enjoy working with Juan and feel that his coaching and goal setting have been invaluable in helping me achieve great growth with my running goals.


Elizabeth Minjarez


   I was introduced to running by my sister in law, as she encouraged me to join her at a race. I had cheered her on at her marathons before and for a slight moment I said to myself, “I can do that”. So I signed up for my first race in 2016, a one-miler at the San Jacinto Monument.  The adrenaline I felt that day was amazing and I was completely hooked. Since then I have run many endurance events such as 5ks, 10ks, and half marathons, which I have completed in consecutive years since in 2017.  While each year I have made improvements, I wanted even more and that is when I decided to join Dynamic Endurance and Coach Juan.


   In the first 4 weeks since I started training with him, I have run a 10k and my 4th half marathon and achieved PR times on both races.  My goals for this year are to be even more accountable and build my endurance further in order to run my first full Houston Marathon in January 2021.  I have a tailored training schedule with Coach Juan that is set to my own running parameters, and absolutely love it.  I am crushing my goals and feel more focused than ever to train hard to run MY race at MY pace. 


Zenaida Arroyo


I have been running since 2015.  I used to work downtown and remember seeing an older man running along the lakefront.  I told myself that if he could run then so could I.  I signed up for a beginning running class with CARA (Chicago Area Runners Association).  The goal was to run for 30 minutes.  I don’t recall what happened but I took that class again.  I didn’t run for 30 minutes but did make it to 27 minutes.


Since then I’ve run over 150 races ranging from a 5k to a 50k.  I have a goal to run a half marathon in each state.  The last state I ran was GA (#43) last year.

I am a 2nd grade teacher and look forward to my runs in the morning.  It is my “me” time.  During that time it is just me in my own world.  Sometimes I think about what is happening either in my personal and/or professional life or sometimes I forget about everything and just focus on my music and making sure I don’t fall.  I’ve fallen quite a few times and it isn’t pleasant.