• Juan J. Arrieta

5 things I'm looking forward to at Grandma's

Disclaimer: I received free entry to Grandma's Marathon as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro by going to https://www.bibrave.com/bibravepro. Find more race reviews like this one at www.bibrave.com.

Scenic, fast course

For approximately the last two years, I have read and heard about Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota being a huge attraction to many people in the running community. Practically everything I found on my research mentions its great course and how it is not only quite scenic as it runs along Lake Superior, but also one which is very fast and conducive to PRs (personal records). I am therefore quite intrigued to run it, hoping to enjoy great views while also putting forth a strong push all the way through the end of the race.

Cool, favorable weather

The weather, although entirely out of our control, plays a role in both the enjoyment of the race as well as with the hopes of having a strong showing and obtaining good results completing it. The average temperatures in Duluth for the month of June range between 49F and 66F degrees with 69% humidity. If race day conditions fall anywhere in that range, they would be optimal for me. It would make tackling this long-distance challenge easier and mirror good results I have experienced in similar conditions.

Meet fellow BibRave Pros

It is always a unique experience to have the opportunity to not only meet but also run a marquee event like Grandma’s with other BibRave Pros. We generally interact with one another quite a bit on social media, such as during our weekly Twitter BibChats on Tuesday evenings. However, it is not often that we get to meet face-to-face and run together, as we live literally all over the world, so being able to experience this with a few of them will definitely make it a special weekend for me.

Explore new places I have never been to

Even though I drove through a portion of Minnesota several years ago during a Boy Scout trip with one of my sons, I have never been to Duluth or to Lake Superior. Before getting to Duluth, I’ll also be spending a couple of days in the Minneapolis-St Paul area with my wife and baby, and I look forward to exploring, learning about those cities, and taking a lot of pictures.

Relaxing race-cation

This is my summer break from the school district where I work, and it will be neat to be able to get away and disconnect from it all and unwind for a few days for this event. With the exception of attending the Expo and packet pickup two days prior to the race, I have ZERO agenda in mind for this trip and literally just take it easy and let the day flow as it comes.

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