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Add great variety to treadmill runs with Zwift

Disclaimer: I received a free Zwift RunPod as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro by going to https://www.bibrave.com/bibravepro. Find reviews for races of various distances at www.bibrave.com.

Last year I had the opportunity to test and review Zwift, a virtual reality (VR) app that can help take treadmill runs to the next level by immersing you and fellow runners in amazing, constantly-changing environments.

This second experience with Zwift allowed me to dive deeper into the program, primarily by participating in a set of weekly scheduled group workouts called “Turn it Up Tuesdays”. The Turn It Up events were great for me because they are scheduled in advance and helped me have a sense of focus, commitment, and accountability to get ready to run in a timely manner and in order to meet with other BibRave Pros who were participating in them with me.

You get started running on Zwift by downloading the app from the Google Play or Apple Store on your phone or tablet and then connecting it with a foot pod sensor that transmits signals using either Bluetooth or ANT+ signals (such as the one shown below, which can be currently purchased for $29.99 by going to https://zwift.com/shop/product/zwift-runpod or through a bluetooth-ready treadmill.

The following video explains the process in further detail:

This is the Zwift RunPod; it locks with and is held in place by the matching base you see below the laces on my running shoe.

So the app will then communicate with the foot pod sensor on your shoe and receive the foot

speed or cadence at which you're running while you're on the treadmill

It is recommended that you use a computer or tablet to connect with the RunPod via Bluetooth, but you may also use a a mobile phone. However, you'll have the best overall experience using a computer or tablet since it will be easier to read the text and interface messages that appear in the program.

In addition to the number of events you can choose from, the program offers a good variety of locations and options to select from within each course.

Another aspect I really like about Zwift is the variety of running tips it flashes along the way to help you improve on a number of things and stay focused, such as the following ones regarding form and posture.

The interface, depending on the workout or event type, will also provide instruction along the way so that you can follow the workout correctly, such as when to pick up the speed or slow down:

Motivation messages are varied and plentiful as well:

In conclusion, I feel the Zwift app is a great program to make your treadmill runs enjoyable though virtual reality environments that are varied, engaging, and motivational.

If you have any questions about this neat program, please don't hesitate to reach out to me on both Twitter and Instagram; my handle is @3dotjuan and I'd be glad to help you out.

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