• Juan J. Arrieta

My race plan for the Big Tex Run 5k

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

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With tomorrow's Big Tex Run 5k, my key points of focus will be the following:

Arrive early and warm up properly for about a mile or so

  • This will be extremely important because at this short distance I need to reach my target pace much quicker after the start, unlike a half marathon or marathon

Use progressive surge intervals to drive up the pace

  • 3 over the first mile

  • 4 on the second mile

  • 5 on the last 1.1

Maintain a proper, balanced stride while focusing on a quick leg cadence or turnover

  • This is a smart and safe way to improve speed rather than overstriding

Hopefully this strategy will pay off and help me run strong and have a great race---wish me luck! 💪🏽🏃🤞🏽

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