• Juan J. Arrieta

My race plan for the Miami Half Marathon

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Get to starting area early and do dynamic stretches

My plan is to arrive at the starting area at around 4:30am, an hour and a half prior to the time in which the race is scheduled to start, 6:00am. This should give me ample time to find parking, walk over to the VIP tent where I can hopefully meet other BibRave Pros who are running the race, use the bathroom, go through my dynamic stretching and warmup routine, turn in my gear bag, and walk to the starting corral. Getting there early will help eliminate some of the typical pre-race nerves that have a tendency to creep up as that time nears.

Find my target pace early, divide the distance in 3 and push hard over the last 4 miles

For this race I am targeting a pace range of 9:30-9:40 per mile. I am very familiar and comfortable with this pace, and know that I shouldn't have a problem easing into it within the first half mile of the course. I do need to make sure I don't get distracted or caught up by the flow of the runners around me, something I have done a number of times in the past. It is a matter of staying focused and finding that efficient rhythm that I know works for me at this distance. Once on my target pace, I then like to just think about the block of distance I am in at the moment by dividing the race by 3 (minus the last mile). This gives me 3 blocks of 4 miles each, or 12 miles. By dividing the work in smaller chunks of 4 miles each, the overall task feels so much more manageable, in particular when I know that I just have to focus on being steady over the first 2 blocks (8 miles) and then I can start pushing the pace over the very last block as I get closer and closer to the finish line.

Carry my own hydration

Even though the race is providing plenty of hydration stations throughout the course, I have decided that I truly need to use the hydration/nutrition fuel that I have tried and used enough to where I am confident that my stomach and muscles will handle it the right way during the race. Over the last few months of training I have tinkered with a number of hydration products and experienced mixed results. Some were great, some not so much. The one that came out on top and that I will be using for the Miami Half this time is the one that I've had the best results with,

Infinit Nutrition's

Jet Fuel

. I will be carrying an

Amphipod handheld bottle

with it; not only do I like its taste but also feel that my body reacts to it in a very positive way --- with consistent energy throughout the distance and without any spikes or drops in energy.

So, wish me luck, here's to a great race in Miami!

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