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Product Review: Body Helix Calf Compression Sleeve

Disclaimer: I received a Body Helix calf compression sleeve to use and review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (Ambassador) at BibRave.com, the best place to find and write race reviews.

I was happy to be offered and accept the opportunity to use and review the Body Helix compression sleeve last month, as I was still nursing a sore Achilles tendon that surfaced after running the Houston Marathon in January. I was utilizing a number of measures to help me alleviate the issue and eliminate the soreness while continuing to at least maintain an even level of fitness and not slide back. I used Epsom salt baths, dedicated massages to the calf/Achilles area, cryotherapy, increased intake of Omega-3 vitamin, Tiger Balm ointment, and lastly, the Body Helix sleeve.

Easy to put on and take off

I found that putting on and removing the Body Helix calf sleeve is an extremely easy and quick process. The sleeve can be easily opened with the hands and slid over the foot and onto the calf without strain or struggle of any kind. It literally takes 5-6 seconds to grab it and slide it over the foot and onto the calf, where you can then adjust to the specific spot on your calf where you want the support.

Very comfortable with the right amount of support

After several runs with this sleeve, I know for a fact that it is a keeper for me. Once I put it on, it provided just the right amount of support and pressure and did not feel overwhelming at all. In fact, my impression was that I couldn't even tell that it was there, in terms of it bothering me as I ran mile after mile. It always stayed in-place and did not slide around up or down, and I never needed to adjust it at any point during my runs.

Easy to wash and dry

The Body Helix calf sleeve is completely machine washable and dryable, something which I found very convenient because I then didn’t have to separately hand-wash or hang to dry it after I used it. All I did was just throw it in the hamper after my runs, along with my other clothes and gear and wash/dry them together. My sleeve has retained its shape, color, and compression qualities through several of the washing/dryer machine cycles.

Great versatility

Body Helix offers a LARGE versatility in their product line of compression/support sleeves. Calves, elbows, ankle, knees, and many more body areas that we as athletes have issues with over time, can be supported with Body Helix sleeves.

For the time being, Body Helix is offering a great discount on literally ALL the products on their website. Simply use code BH15BR at checkout to receive a 15% discount on your purchase at www.bodyhelix.com.


Overall, I feel that is a high-quality product that I know is made with medical-grade materials which provide outstanding support and relief to anyone seeking help with joint and muscle issues, not just athletes. I truly have no way of knowing if it was the difference maker in being able to eliminate the issue I was having with my Achilles soreness. However, I do know for a fact that I used it consistently along with the other measures I was taking, and that my soreness went away in its entirety during that period. Therefore, it was definitely part of the formula that helped me to entirely recover from that injury back to 100% (no soreness).

I now consider my Body Helix calf sleeve a valued part of my gear kit and continue to use it during my runs, to the point which I might be buying a second one soon to use on my right calf as added support and injury prevention.

It would also be great to have it as an additional sleeve I can use on a rotation while the first one is dirty or in the process of being washed or dried.

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As always, your comments/feedback/questions are welcome below; happy running!

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