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Product Review: Turtle Gloves Mittens

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Turtle Gloves to use and review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (Ambassador) at BibRave.com, the best place to find and write race reviews.

When I was offered the opportunity to use and review a pair of Turtle Gloves, I immediately accepted. I have always had an issue with cold hands, and about a year ago I discovered that I suffer from Rynaud's Syndrome, a condition which makes your hands very susceptible to cold temperatures. So needless to say, proper gloves are a big priority for me. I can't tell you just how many different ones I've tried over the years that at first sight in the store appeared to be great, but once I put them to the test during outdoors activities such as running or skiing, they left a lot to be desired.

The Turtle Gloves I received are still in the prototype stage of development. They are a lightweight model of running mittens, made with Polartec Windbloc material, which is specifically designed to be both windproof and water repellent.

Right away, I liked how the Polartec material on these gloves itself feels to the touch, and don't think that it is too thick or too thin--it feels perfect and allows for easy movement and closing/opening of the hands. The material also passed my first test with flying colors, when I used them on a 17-mile long run. Temperatures were in mid 40s, with moderate wind, and my hands NEVER got cold at any point during it. If anything, within just a few minutes of starting my run, my hands felt a bit sweaty, I worried that they would get too hot, but that never happened. I also remembered that there's a flap that is easily opened/folded if they ever do feel too hot (as shown on the video below).

At first they felt different because I had never used mitten-style gloves for running (only once for skiing many years ago) and it was strange for me to feel all that room and freedom between the fingers. But therein lies ones of the key reasons for their effectiveness, in that by having your entire hand inside the same compartment, more of the heat is together and circulated between all the fingers, as opposed to what happens with gloves, where each finger is separated from the others and only has the heat from itself to keep warm.

As far as size goes, after a few runs with them I think I should have ordered a Medium instead so that they would be a bit tighter and a better match for my hand size. The part that feels loosest is the end area around the sleeve, and also the area around the thumb. My thumb uses only half the space dedicated for it, so there's too much excess material there.

Despite the sizing difference, the more I ran, the more I liked these Turtle Gloves. I noticed I began making a soft fist around the material between the palms of my hands & fingers, and that they were having a comforting "security blanket" effect on me. They also provided me with the right amount warmth, with the only exceptions being those moments in which they were a little too warm and my hands started feeling a bit sweaty, but all I did then was open up the flaps and let the finger out so no problem there.

On one particular run, with temps in the high 50s-low 60s, I started off wearing them with their tops folded down and fingers out, but I then folded them back up after 3 miles or so when it started getting even colder. And I love that versatility---the way in which you can adjust them as needed (with flaps closed or open) as the weather conditions change and on how you feel.

One thing I feel that would be a great added feature once these are moved from prototype to production is form them to have an opening for me to able to see my watch and check pace/mileage/etc. I found myself having a bit of a hard time grabbing one mitten sleeve with the other mitten hand, to slide it down so that I could check my watch for data as I ran.


Overall, I feel that with just a few adjustments and proper size selection, these can be outstanding gloves; I feel they're clearly quality gloves as they are and look forward for them to be available for purchase. In the meanwhile, they have several other models and styles to choose from at www.turtlegloves.com, where you can use code TURTLEGLOVESBR for a 15% discount off your order.

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As always, your comments/feedback/questions are welcome below; happy running!

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