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AfterShokz Trekz Air: Top-Notch Quality

Updated: Feb 26, 2018

Disclaimer: I received a set of AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (Ambassador) at BibRave.com, a great place to find and write race reviews.

Over the last couple of weeks I have had the pleasure to use and test the AfterShokz Trekz Air bluetooth headphones. Here you can find my full review and observations:


I start here because I feel that safety should be at the top of our priorities, in particular when we are outdoors exercising and therefore exposed to potential dangers such as vehicles, people, animals, etc. These headsets are tops in the safety department thanks to their open ear design. Until receiving these, I had never seen or heard of this cutting edge technology. It works by sending micro vibrations through your cheekbones and bypassing your ears and eardrums.

This ingenious method of delivering sound allows for the ears to remain open and able to capture the sounds surrounding us, and thus stay altert for our safety. During my runs with these, I have been amazed at how helpful the use of this technology is when I hear a car approaching from behind perfectly clear and with plenty of time for me to take any precautionary action if I need to such as moving to one side, slowing down, making eye contact with the driver, etc. I have also enjoyed being able to greet other runners or people walking their dogs by the lake path and hear their response greetings in return. So this technology that I wasn't even aware it existed six months ago hits the bullseye for me by finding the perfect blend of delivering private, personal enjoyment and entertainment, while keeping me connected to everyone and everything in my environment.

Connectivity, reliability, and sound quality

This has been by far by biggest pet peeve and disappointment with the long line of bluetooth headsets I have tried over the last few years. Each and every single one of them has come up short in this category. I've dealt with endless frustration of sets connecting to my phone, then disconnecting mid-run, or being too susceptible to interference from my heart-rate sensor, sweat, inconsistent volume, or crackling/static.

You name the issue, I've experienced it. And this is clearly a major factor to consider. After all, if you can't count on a reliable connection from your bluetooth headset, then why even bother with it? All it is then is just a stress point that I simply don't need or want to have on my runs. In contrast, in a couple of weeks' worth of using the AfterShokz, I have had ZERO issues with connectivity or reliablity. Immediately after the initial charge, I was EASILY able to pair the headset with my Google Pixel 2 phone. It literally took less than 5 seconds and has worked without a hitch on each and every run since then. The quality of the sound is simply outstanding. I have had the volume fairly low most of the time and still have experienced high quality stereo sound listening to music as well as podcasts.

Easy, logical controls

The Trekz Air set is well-designed with simple and logical controls that are easy-to-find and understand. One of them is the multi-function button on the left side that allows you to control several key features such as accepting or rejecting incoming calls, skipping to the next song etc. Yesterday during my long run I received two separate calls in a span of approximately 15 minutes and was able to handle them through this easy button without a problem.

Power efficiency

Yet another big, important factor for me, as this was an area in which the bluetooth sets I've bought and used until now have all either lacked or proved to be very disappointing. The sets I have used would generally last one to at most two short runs (of approximately 3-4 miles each) before running out of power and shutting down. I was CONSTANTLY having to charge them, practically at the end of every run otherwise I knew that I'd either be out of power either mid-way or at the end of my very next run, let alone on a long run. That all has been the opposite with the Trekz Air. I charged them overnight before my first use and after several days' worth of use, I decided to recharge them for approximately an hour a couple of days ago. Not once during all this time has this set given me a low-battery alert or run out of power. That is simply remarkable and clearly a way these headphones separate themselves from the competition.

Ligthweight, comfortable design

This has been another pleasant aspect of these headsets. They fit and rest very comfortably on top of the ear, to the point that I quickly get into my running stride and rhythm and forget that they are even there. Not having to deal with a tangled mess of cords dangling anywhere has been truly liberating and a welcome simplification to my runs. You can tell that a lot of thought and evaluation went into the design process for these Trekz Air headphones.


There is no doubt in my mind that the quality of the AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones is top-notch and that they far surpass any other ones I have used or tried at any one point in the past. I would highly recommend anyone on the market for a set of headphones to strongly consider these. They can be purchased for $179.95 (and worth every penny) by going to http://bibrave.aftershokz.com. You can take advantage of a special offer by entering the code TRUCKER at checkout to receive a bonus BibRave trucker hat with your purchase.

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