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Shady Rays: Versatile and reliable sunglasses

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Versatile and attractive design

I am such a huge fan of Shady Rays that I own several pairs that I have taken literally all over the world. Chicago, Italy, Panama, Colombia, and many other places in between, during all types of activities and events, from sunup to sundown; I have had a pair of Shady Rays with me.

They come in a large variety of models and colors, and more than likely at least one of them will suit your particular style and preference. Within each model, Shady Rays generally has about five to six different lens colors, but some models have even more, such as the X Series, which currently offers fourteen different variations of its frame and lens combination.

Reliable and functional

I have found Shady Rays to be very lightweight and well constructed, with polarized lenses that protect my eyes very well and that are not easily scratched. This is despite the fact that I have dropped them on a number of occassions and stored in all kinds of pockets, backpacks, etc. with other items in long trips and events. To this date, none of the Shady Rays that I own have a single scratch on the lenses, and trust me when I tell you, that is not because of me having taken outstanding care of them over the last 2-3 years or by luck. It is simply due the quality of their materials and their manufacture.

Another indication I have found of their quality is their arm hinges. Most sunglasses I have used in the past have lost tightness over time on their arm hinges to where they have become very loose, which in turn makes them useless for practically any activity, as they will easily slide down as you move. Sometimes those hinges can be tightened, but that is a hassle since even after doing so, after a while the small screws on the hinges simply cannot be tightened down anymore and the arms just stay loose all the time. That is not the case with Shady Rays; each and every pair that I own has retained perfect tightness on its arm hinges.

Outstanding Warranty

Out of all the positives I have found with Shady Rays, this is in my opinion the top one. Their entire line of sunglasses comes with a lifetime craftmanship warranty. That means that if your shades ever have an issue that is due to a manufacturing defect or a problem that should not occur with normal use, the company will replace them at absolutely no cost to your, for life. There are no limits as to how many times a pair can be replaced under this warranty.

However, their warranties don't end there. All Shady Rays also come with a lost and broken replacements warranty, in which you only pay the shipping and handling and receive a replacement pair, up to 2 times per pair purchased. If the model/style you request is sold out, you will have the option to be placed on pre-order if the style will be returning or to choose a different style within the same series model.  This is an extremely valuable warranty if you are like me and have a tendency to lose or break sunglasses over time.

For example, after my wife and I returned from a trip to Italy a couple of years ago, I noticed that one of the rubber pads on the nose bridge of the sunglasses came loose, and I was not able to get it to stay in place. I contacted the Shady Rays support team by phone at (213) 817-5193 and they gave me the instructions on all I had to do, which is to just email wegotyou@shadyrays.com to report the issue, and pay the shipping and handling cost through an electronic invoice they emailed me and I was able to pay online in a matter of seconds. Within just a few days I received a brand new pair of shades. In my opinion, that is simply an outstanding, no hassles warranty that you can count on for a quality product that is very reasonably priced between $40-80.

In conclusion, I have a very high opinion of Shady Rays and think you should strongly consider them the next time you are looking into purchasing sunglasses. For the time being, you can take advantage of an awesome promotion through which you can get a 50% discount using code RAVE when you purchase 2+ pairs of Shady Rays at www.shadyrays.com.

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