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Smart recovery with Oofos

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Oofos Fibre Low Recovery Shoes to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (Ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to find and write race reviews

Prior to receiving this pair of Oofos Fibre Low Shoes, I had never owned a pair of recovery shoes before.  Honestly, until just a few months ago I had not even heard of or was aware of the term "recovery shoes".  Sure, I had seen the Oofos brand as well some people wearing their sandals, but I simply thought they were "just another sandal". And boy, has all of that turned around now.

I started learning about recovery shoes while I was listening to a BibRave podcast as well as through a number of fellow BibRave Pros who were testing and sharing their experiences with Oofos sandals.  Thanks to them I found out that Oofos shoes and sandals are designed to provide both support and relief to key areas of your body that generally receive a lot of impact and stress during runs and workouts; areas such as the ankles, knees, hips, and lower back.  While they can be worn as often as we can and would like to, they are particularly useful to be worn post-run or post-workout for these reasons; therefore maximizing their benefit to our bodies.  Understanding all of this, I decided to opt-in to test the Fibre Low shoes when the opportunity came around.

Upcon receiving and putting them on, my very first impression was mixed, as I could immediately tell there is PLENTY of comfortable OOfoam (see the video below for additional details on this technology) in all the right spots, but the back area around my heel didn't feel quite right, like there was a slight pinch spot. However, after only about 10-15 minutes of walking around doing a few chores around the house, my feet completely adjusted and whatever had been happening with my heel area was gone at that point and I never felt it again during my testing.

Then, as I continued my day at the grocery store, gas station, and lunch spot, I also noticed that they have an outstanding blend of lightness and support.

I then read and learned that OOfoam technology provides 37% more impact absorption than EVA, the foam that is used in a lot of running/athletic shoes today. When I considered that, I realized that the shoes I had always worn post-workout/post-race were in reality the complete opposite; they were even worse than running shoes when it came to support and impact absorption to my body, so the recovery system I was following was in reality incomplete.  Yes, I was probably taking in the right recovery shakes and food, stretching correctly, and getting enough rest, but while walking around afterwards I was definitely taking in significantly more impact than I should have been and therefore short-changing the whole process.

And it all makes sense.  Whether with training or racing, after we have pounded the road/trail and finished, the wisest thing we can do is complement the other things we are doing.  We need to protect our feet, legs, and back by providing the proper arch support and limiting the shock we continue to receive during the recovery hours and days that follow.  As I learned and began to understand all of that, it was easy to understand how the use of shoes like these can be a key part of the recovery process for an athlete and make it part of a complete formula along other important aspects such as proper sleep and nutrition.

As I continued using these Fibre Low shoes, in particular after my weekend long runs, something that surprised me was that my feet do not get sweaty on them; they do really well on the fabric and foam material they're made with.  The fabric is quite light and breathable, and that is super important to me, as I had a major issue with a set of foam clogs made by a different company that I used a number of years ago.  I received them as a gift, but was never truly comfortable in them and I ended up donating them.  I can confidently tell you, that is something that will not be happening with these Oofos; they're here to stay. 🤗😄👣

So clearly, I feel that the quality of Oofos shoes and sandals stands on its own, but yet another reason to look into them is that Oofos donates $10 for every purchase of Project Pink OOFOS, and 3% of all other orders to the Dana Farber Breast Cancer Research.  Definitely a worthy cause to say the least.  Check them out at www.oofos.com.

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