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Timely Track #2: 80/20 Running

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

These past few days I have been feeling very positive about my running, more specifically with a sense of peace and calm about it all. I believe this is in part due to the 80/20 Running Audiobook (author Matt Fitzgerald) that I've been listening to and referenced on my previous blog post (https://www.3dotjuan.com/home/weekly-anchor-1):

With the general message I've interpreted reading it so far, I'm finding a sense of focus and committment to run easier, at a more relaxed pace, but more frequently (and extra day or so each week), which can in turn help me build up my mileage for this training/racing cycle and hopefully lead me to a successful day at Grandma's Marathon this upcoming June.

That being said, the weather here in the Houston area has been completely insane, where we hit temps below freezing at the beginning of the week that lasted through yesterday. Despite this challenge, I was still able to hit the YMCA for my cross workout (I chose the rowing machine) and an easy 2-miles on the treadmill to start the week, rested on Tuesday, and then bundled up early on Wednesday morning before work for another easy 3.25 miles in 30-degree temperature. I had a second workout scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, but a certification test I was taking at work took longer than expected, and by the time I got home, I was unable to make it to the track where I planned on running it. I will be making it up with a speed-play session around the neighborhood this evening instead.

I know that all my fellow runners up north will find this note quite comical as those temps are actually not bad for them, in particular with the polar vortex they've been experiencing this year up there. But for us here in South/Central Texas, especially someone like me who grew up in the Caribbean, anything below 60-50 degrees qualifies as way too cold! :-)

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