• Juan J. Arrieta

Timely Track #3: Convinced About Infinit Nutrition Recovery Mix

Absolutely loved the recovery sampler pack I ordered from Infinit Nutrition recently. It truly exceeded my expectations, in particular in the taste and consistency of each one of the products in the box. So much so that I already ordered a full bag of the REPAIR muscle recovery mix in the vanilla flavor. That is beyond surprising to me, as I'm ALWAYS partial to the chocolate flavor (which is also quite good), but just found the vanilla to be outstanding. Other key factors that convinced me:

1 - How quickly and easily the protein powder blended with the almond milk, regular milk, and water that I put on the shaker bottle from the kit, with little or no residue powder left. Practically all of the protein powders I have used in the past leave quite a bit of residue that goes to waste as it is tough to mix or dilute, even if I use water in an electric blender. With both of the REPAIR sample packs there was hardly any wasted powder at all, even using milk and the hand shaker bottle.

2 - After the sampler pack arrived, I realized that the REPAIR powder blend contains not only ingredients that are better than the protein I've used for years, but also much more complete since it also includes the branch chain amino acids Isolucine, Lucine, and Valine. That is huge & simplifies things for me because for the last couple of years, I've been taking a protein and a BCAA drink separately to maximize muscle recovery.

3 - REPAIR has a SIGNIFICANTLY lower sugar content per serving (19 grams) than the protein powder I've been using for years, Endurox R4, which literally has more than double that amount with 39 grams per serving.

4 - The fact that not only did my stomach handle each one of the recovery samples in the pack perfectly fine, but that I also felt great on the days following. Obviously this can also be attributed to other factors such as the meals I had on those days or to having had proper rest, but I've had a great week of training without much muscle soreness, so I feel that my body is definitely welcoming this blend with open arms.


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