• Juan J. Arrieta

Top reasons to run the North Olympic Discovery Marathon

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There are several reasons to run the North Olympic Discovery Marathon and/or Half Marathon as I did last year, but here are my top 3:

Fun and Beautiful Course

The bulk of the race course followed the Olympic Discovery Trail through rural farm lands and amazing views of the Olympic Mountains. Most of the trail is paved with asphalt and surrounded by trees on both sides offering plenty of shade and protection from the sun. There were plenty of rolling hills along the first 8 miles or so of the course, but perhaps with only a couple of exceptions, most of them were short and not too steep; in my opinion just slight elevation changes that add variety to the challenge and make it fun. If you have included some hill training in your workouts, you should be able to handle this course without a problem and shouldn't worry about it.

After approximately mile 10, the course then hits the coastline of the Strait of San Juan de Fuca and offers, amazing views to enjoy all the way to the finish line.

Outstanding Support

The hydration/support stations were plentiful along the way and fairly evenly spaced. They all had a variety of items such as orange slices and gels in addition to water and electrolytes. They all also had plenty of volunteers staffing them with a friendly and cheerful attitude. At around miles 9-10, the course reached the beautiful coastline and turned basically flat the rest of the way, following the shore all the way until the finish line. This helped me get into a really good pace and rhythm and I was able to make my last mile the fastest one for the day.

Great SWAG

The gear included in the runner packets for this event is absolutely great, in particular the long-sleeve quarter zip tops made of tech material with the race branding on them. I have used mine several times for training, racing, and just hanging out----so comfortable! Here I am, wearing it in a cool morning up in the mountains in Colombia, before the start of the Chicamocha Canyon 25k Trail Race.

Again, you won't regret participating in the North Olympic Discovery Marathon and/or Half Marathon; I certainly did not as it is a great memory I will always treasure and hope to repeat in the not too-distant future.

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