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Weekly Anchor #1

Overall, last week was a good week. Not perfect, but good. I had targeted to run 5 days for a combined total of 16 miles as part of an active recovery week after a very successful but demanding Darling Dash 5k, but missed my workout on Wednesday and ended up with a little over 12.5 combined miles instead.

One of a number of things that I am feeling quite positive about comes from an audiobook I began listening to early last week and is titled 80/20 Running, by Matt Fitzgerald. The overall message up to this point is that in order to improve, our training cycles should be made up of a blend of 80% easy miles (heart rate zones 1-2) and 20% hard miles (heart rate zones 4-5). For example, if we're running 30 miles during a given week, 24 of those miles need to be at an EASY, heart rate Zone 1-2 maximum and 6 can be speed, strength, track, etc. Fitzgerald says that most of us unknowingly sabotage this principle by running too hard or fast most of the time, and that in turn leads to stagnation, burnout, and injury.

This method aligns with a number of similar concepts I've learned about over the last couple of years from a coach I was working with and who helped me make tons of progress, as well as from my instructor this past fall when I got my RRCA Coaching Ceritification. The aspect about this I am now truly understanding and feeling the most connected with is that it removes pressure from having to worry or stress about doing tough/very challenging workouts all the time.

My goal for this week is 20 miles, broken down as follows:

Monday - 2 easy + rowing machine @ gym

Tuesday - 2 easy

Wednesday - 4 combined; track ladder

Thursday - 3 easy

Friday - 3 combined; hill repeats

Saturday - 6 easy

Sunday - Rest

Looking forward to having another good week as I continue to prepare for the Cap10k in Austin on April 7th.

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