• Juan J. Arrieta

What I would do different next time at the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon

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My experience at this year's Urban Bourbon Half Marathon was extremely positive. So much so that I've already been thinking about what -if anything- I would change the next time I go run it. That is something which is not a question of IF, but of WHEN.

And after pondering that thought for a bit, I must say that the only thing that I would change about it is the hotel in which we stayed. We stayed at a hotel that was approximately 15 minutes from the downtown location for the race start and finish lines. While that wasn't too long of a drive, the truth is that there were a number of disappointing issues with that hotel. One was a lot of noise coming from the rooms adjacent to ours, both nights between 2 and 4 a.m., something which is completely unacceptable. We complained to the hotel clerk both times and nothing was ever done to alleviate the issue. The other was that the room backed up to a busy freeway, and the traffic and noise from the passing cars and trucks could easily be heard inside of the room. So needless to say, we weren't able to get proper sleep in either night we were there.

In addition to those reasons, we also felt that had we stayed at a hotel downtown near where the race took place, we would have been able to enjoy the restaurants, shops, and attractions around there a lot more than we did.

We understand that this will likely mean that we will be paying more for a hotel than we did this time, but we are ok with that if we can enjoy our trip even more that way.

Here's to our next trip to Louisville and the Urban Bourbon Half----2022 perhaps???

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